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Understanding your customers is they key to generating strong financial results for your business.

For more than 25 years I have been interpreting consumer insights to develop actionable business strategies.

In 2016 I co-founded a new company, TerraProForma. Our vision is to use destination gamification and  augmented reality (AR) to drive measurable results for business and organizations.

Our first product is Play the Field™, a mobile platform that uses AR to activate entertainment seekers at casino destinations.

Do you want to connect with eGamers, "Millennials" and other social, connected customers and prospects? We can help!


Kara is a big picture thinker who also has the ability to activate ideas and inspire people. 


Throughout her career, Kara's focus has been on interpreting consumer insights and preferences in order to develop actionable business strategies. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, consumer insight interpretation and application, customer engagement, and gamification.


Kara's most recent venture is TerraProForma, a destination gamification company that has created an innovative platform that combines augmented reality, location based technology and content management. ​

Kara writes a blog with business tips and contributes to Canadian Gaming Business Magazine.

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