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Specializing in consumer engagement and destination gamification, we help clients grow revenue through retention and acquisition/referrals. Sectors of interest include casinos, hospitality, retail, tourism, culture, and more. 

New consulting clients will be considered with a referral.

Through our company TerraProForma we offer a platform, Play the Field that serves as a player funnel/referral from online to land-based,


  • Loyalty programs

  • Player development & retention

  • Amenity alignment

  • Operational activation

  • Mystery shop


  • Amenity alignment

  • Experience development

  • Product review & recommendation


  • Activate the legion of social gamers who play on their smart phones.

  • Understand the new opportunities mobile platforms offer businesses to engage with customers and prospects. 

  • Don't be left behind.


  • Refer and recommend products and/or service providers to connect operators with new revenue producing partners. 

  • Review new products and services to ensure alignment with business objectives.

  • On-boarding/integration plans to optimize chances for success.

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