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What Happens in Vegas, Eh?

My latest contribution to Canadian Gaming Business, "What happens in Vegas... eh? Creating comprehensive entertainment destinations in Canada" appears in the Industry Trends section of the Spring 2017 issue of the magazine.

You can read the complete article here.

They key points for Canadian casino operators to consider are included below.

What we have learned from the Vegas experience?

  • Vegas is not a casino destination.

  • Non-gaming amenities should be profitable.

  • Amenities matter–they’re important points of difference in a competitive market and create a total entertainment experience, attracting a wider audience.

  • When planning new experiences don’t alienate your core customers while rolling out the welcome mat to new and infrequent patrons.

  • New experiences and amenities must be market-oriented and tested with your current and intended customers.

  • Don’t underestimate the value of non-gaming behaviour. Recognize and appropriately reward your amenity users.*

* Canadian Gaming Business, Spring 2017, "What Happens in Vegas.. Eh?" page 20.

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