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Gamify Your Resort

Thanks to the American Gaming Association for allowing us to share our 2018 G2E Innovation Lab presentation.

It was a wonderful opportunity to review TerraProForma's research findings and Play the Field pilot learnings that:

1. Support a business case for the use of augmented reality and location technologies in a business context.

2. Show the value of the mobile gamer as a customer for entertainment experiences.

Run time: 12.5 minutes.

"Gamify Your Resort"

Are you seeking new customers? Are you looking for new ways to reward non-gaming spend? Do you want to grow market share without increasing your marketing investment? Learn how TerraProForma’s customer-facing Play the Field™ app can transform your business by gamifying your casino resort and serve as an enterprise data solution. In this session, learn about their disruptive engagement platform that meets your customers where they live: on their mobile devices.

Download our presentation deck.

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